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About Us

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About the company’

Who We Are

Founded in the early 1980s, Western Cape Masons is the most recognized locally-owned construction company in Western Cape, South Africa. We’ve been leading in building and construction innovations within and around the city.

We are a registered construction company, with the most trusted, licensed and insured contractors in the country.

What We Do

We have a professional team of contractors. Our experts are skilled and experienced in all kinds of construction works. Our expertise includes building services, installation work and property maintenance services across the city.

Among the areas we specialize in include construction management, pre-construction services, general contracting, design/build, and energy installations services.

How We Do It

Our company has heavily invested in technology and sophisticated construction equipments for the best construction services. We have also trained our contractors in the latest and modern construction trends so that our clients can get the best building solutions.

For maximum satisfaction, we have been offering consultation services to help you decide on how best you can realize your vision.

Why We Are Different’


Our builders are among the longest serving building experts in Western Cape, South Africa. Most of the oldest and tallest buildings in the capital were built by us. With over 30 years of experience, we are arguably the most experienced builders in the city.

Our largest projects include both residential and commercial buildings. Whichever project you have, we have the experience to successfully complete it.

Cost Effectiveness

Being in the construction industry for years has enabled us to offer affordable building services. We are not after maximizing profits; rather, offer our clients the best and most affordable construction solutions.

Our builders will advice you on some of the tips to reduce the cost of construction. We are also known to offer repair services for commercial, residential and industrial buildings at the most affordable rates.

Green Building

We were the first construction company to embrace green building. Our green building services involve pre-construction to the finish stage. We use green building materials in all our construction projects.

Green building not only saves the environment, but it is pocket friendly. Our contractors will suggest affordable ways to ensure that your building is both environmental and pocket friendly.

Our Milestones

What We Have Achieved

Projects Completed
Municipalities Served
Number of Contractors
Ongoing Projects

Meet The Team

Egerton Friday

He was elected as the president of the company in 1998. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from the Ohio State University. Egerton has a lot of experience in project scheduling, estimation, management and supervision.

He has worked before in the company as a project supervisor and later as the Head of project managers.

Andrew Murphy
Project Manager

With a degree in construction management, he joined Western Cape Masons in 1994. Andrew has a positive track record in construction planning, supervising and managing. Our clients have described him as a hardworking and cost-conscious manager.

He is easy to work with due to his easy and friendly approach to clients.

Leah Winston
Project Estimator

She joined the company in 2002 as a project consultant. With extensive skills and experience in estimation and purchasing capabilities, she is the best consultant to estimate your project.

We rely on her expertise to estimate all our ongoing and new projects. If you want to know how much you need for a project, she is the person to contact.