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Types of construction projects

Types of construction projects

A construction project mainly involves the assembling the construction materials to make up a finished structure. Various materials can be used, depending on the type of construction you intend to put up. There are multiple activities involved in construction. They include preparing the site, laying the foundations, mechanical work, electrical activities among other activities. Here are the various construction projects available in the industry.

Residential houses

One of the construction projects includes construction of residential houses. They include houses, apartments, amongst others. The architects and engineers will handle the designing of the house, while the actual building is undertaken by the builder. Installation of electricity, mechanical services and other specific works is sublet to the specialized personnel. The builders need to ensure that the building complies with the local building requirements.

Institutions and commercial building

Commercial and the institutional buildings will range in sizes and designs. This is a project that might take a longer time to complete, bearing in mind the likes of hospitals, varsities, mall and much more. If you need to undertake this kind of project, ensure that you have hired a qualified engineer to handle supervision work in the right way. However, this kind of projects will take a long time to be started, since they cost a lot and are not often put up. This is unlike the residential construction projects that take minimum time to construction but are multiple projects.


Industrial construction projects are mainly meant for profit generation industries. Companies such as power generators, production companies amongst others are majorly involved in the construction industry. Other industrial construction projects will include large constructions for companies dealing with nuclear plants, plants processing chemicals, amongst others.

Highway construction

This mainly involves activities in efforts to reconstruct roads, repair, and construction of new roads. This will also include smaller projects such as the construction of alleys, paths, parking spaces and much more. These projects are mainly spear headed by the construction projects.

Heavy construction projects

This type of construction does not either fall on the building or the highway building. These are projects that are meant to be constructions of sewer lines, water lines, dams, sewer treatment facilities, flood control areas and dredging projects amongst others.

Choosing accredited and certified South Africa builders to have the best of our construction taken care of will be a great way to ensure the right procedures have been followed. Get the best for your construction project, and ensure you have reliable information from the construction solicitor of your choice.

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